Unraveling, Analyzing, and Visualizing Data


 Support on People’s Decision Making

We support the construction of a system that allows more people in the organization to make decisions based on the data by unraveling, analyzing and visualizing the accumulated data.
We also offer consulting services together with accounting support services.

Process Instance:Creation of an Analysis Dashboard for Retailers

 Solid foundation for solution creation

1. Confirmation of Issues

After contacting us, we will set up a meeting.
Through meetings, we will recognise and adjust accordingly, the basic business information and issues made aware.
(Example: You want to promptly notify the best-selling product characteristics from a large number of SKUs (stock management units) and make appropriate purchases)

2. Confirmation of Data

We will use data visualization and BI tools such as Tableau to perform basic analysis of the data you already have.
(*The tools used may change depending on the case)

3. Site Observation

If you do not mind, we will like to have the opportunity to visit the site where the data is generated.
Through site observations, we will examine the hypotheses obtained from the basic analysis and get hints for defining solution requirements.
(Example: From site observation, situations such as product display, and consumer purchasing behavior that are related to data processing operation would be made known.)

 Solution Creation 4. Solution DefinitionBased on the results of meetings on issues, requirements, basic analysis results, and site observation results, we create indicators for observation targets and define the required solution so that more people in the organization can take actions based on data and information. 

For example, we would design a dashboard suited for administrators that connects to a POS database and organizes and displays various information and indicators in real time. Furthermore, if for instance it is known from meetings and site observations that “there is a major limitation to the use of PCs”, based on necessity, we may offer simplified solution suited for the site such as the use of a tablet terminal or an alert notification with only an IoT device. We will select and devise a solution to support people in all positions, to perform operation, maintenance and update smoothly in the most sustainable manner depending to the case.
(※In cases where system development is required, development may be outsourced to a subcontractor)

 Solution deployment 5. Preparation for In-House AnalysisFor instance, in the case of creating an analysis dashboard using BI tools as a solution, by training human resources with analytical skills in-house, a “satisfying dashboard” can be created by a person with business experience and expertise faster than outsourcing. You can link this to definite actions. In order to promote in-house analysis, we can share part of the solution creation with the customer representative and share the know-how through the work. Of course, the solution construction will be performed by us, and it is possible to provide intensive training after the solution is completed. Please consult with us according to your business style.

6. Deployment and Operation of the Solution

After the solution is built, the solution is reviewed and piloted before it is deployed.
After deployment, we will review the solution as appropriate based on the solution maintenance and renewal policy.

Automation of Human Tasks

With the development and popularization of deep learning and machine learning technology, many of the tasks that human beings have dealt with so far, including input “ambiguity”, can be automated. These technologies, sometimes called AI, are essentially “task automation”.
We will propose what after automation will lead to optimization of work, or whether new value can be added to existing products after arranging the technical trends in related fields, and we will assist you in incorporating it as a solution.

From the results of hearings and basic analysis, we may propose “automation” by general system development instead of introducing a technology called AI. We may also propose an “automation” program design that makes full use of new technologies such as deep learning by TensorFlow

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Stimulation of Desire to Learn

We are also engaged in the acquisition of technology related to data analysis, and the operation of the community “Soleil Data Dojo” where people from different industries interact and exchange knowledge.

In addition, we can customize and provide the contents of the paid course for individual companies and organizations, so please contact us.

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