Remote Monitoring of Air Compressor Peripherals

Purpose of Introducing IoT System

A liquid level detection sensor detects the drain water level of the air compressor peripheral device filter. When the water level reaches a specified level, the person in charge is notified that it is time to replace the filter with an alert. With this, there is no overlook of the appropriate filter replacement time, and the occurrence of contaminated water leakage incidents is prevented.

Our Areas of Responsibility

  • IoT device configuration・On-site installation
  • Building of cloud (GCP) configuration
  • Google Sheets settings for management
Work scene at the site
Drain Processing Device “Drentore” with IoT system installed
Installed IoT device

Voice of the Person in Charge of JOHNAN

What is Important is the Creation of a New Customer Experience.

Although we are a manufacturing company, we are developing various businesses in Japan and overseas.
We tried working with IoT at the manufacturing site in April 2018, but we could not solve problems such as “what kind of data would be nice to have?” and “what kind of mechanism should be built for that?”, so it was temporarily stopped. After that, we still had the desire to make a case as an information system, so we started a new IoT project for our products in September of 2018.

The IoT is said to be “mixed martial arts of technology,” but I believe that the most important thing is to create a new customer experience with technology.
However, “digital transformation” is not so easy. In addition, it takes too much time to realize it with only in-house resources. Under such circumstances, eftax, who has knowledge of data analysis and can also develop with edges, became a partner.

Currently, it has been about 6 months since we started working on it, but we are concentrating on creating new business models and business design involving business divisions, and by having eftax cooperate in the cloud development from devices, the prototype is being created quickly.
We would like to share some of our efforts with everyone who has read this article and is about to start an IoT project.

[GCPUG] The story of challenge of information systems in making our extremely analog products smarter _20190323 from Keiichi Hirose

To Those Who are About to Start IoT.

You would not succeed by completely entrusting it to a vendor, and you probably won’t be able to complete it on your own either. Where IT introduction is not well-developed, it will be worthwhile to solve unseen challenges. However, I can assure you that you will not succeed from the beginning. An IoT project is a series of trial and error. While searching for the correct answer in a little way, your mindset and problem-solving ability will be trained.

I think eftax’s strength lies in data analysis. If you want to design a mechanism that does not involve people from the viewpoint of data analysis from the upstream process with IoT, or if you want to fight together to create value for your business, we recommend you to consult eftax.

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