Nowadays, companies and organizations are under pressure to make changes such as “Society 5.0,” “work style reform,” and “digital transformation.” It may be no exaggeration to say that the sense of urgency is driven by the fact that the methods that have been used up to now do not work, and that one has to try something new. However, at the heart of that is the “people”.

With the power of technologies such as AI and IoT, “automation of routine operations”, “formalization of tacit knowledge possessed by skilled workers”, and “Quick provision of useful business insights from large amounts of data” can be performed. Thus, the areas where technology can be substituted are expanding.

But how do “people” intervene in that? How people “live” through occupations and services, provide value to society and achieve self-fulfilment. We can’t just neglect these.
We aim to contribute to the realization of a “society where diverse ideas, values, abilities, and experiences of diverse human resources can be harnessed” by utilizing technology with “people” as the reference point.

About eftax Co., Ltd.
Company Name 株式会社 eftax
eftax Co., Ltd.
Address Amagasaki K.R Building 5F, 3-90-1 Showa Dori, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Established January 8, 2013
Capital Stock 10 million yen
Representative Tomoaki Nakai, Managing Director
Number of employees 8 employees (including executives), 12 interns
(As of May 2021)
Contents ・Outsourced data analysis, support for in-house production
・AI・IoT installation support
・Web/Mobile application contract development
・Provision of data analysis education content
・Conducting data analysis dispatch training for companies
Companies Aramaki Tax Office

Jobwer Co., Ltd.
Licenses and Certifications The real estate transaction business/Governor of Hyogo prefecture (2) No. 204166
Paid employment placement business permit・Permit number 28-YU-300936
Smart SME Supporter (Certification number: No. 9-20050017)
Member Organization MISERUBAYAO
Tsunagu IT Consortium
Digital Transformation Research Organization
Osaka Prefecture DX Promotion Partners