Diversity and Inclusion

eftax’s initiatives

“Diversity” refers to the concept of embracing varieties.
Collaborating with people with diverse backgrounds including differences in gender, age, nationality, and culture can lead to the creation of new values, especially in a business context.
On the other hand, “Inclusion” signifies the act of including someone or something as part of a group.

It represents the organizational approach of aiming for unity so that employees can acknowledge and appreciate each other.
In other words, our goal is to foster the integration of the entire organization and further growth by including the diversity of each employee.
This is what constitutes the purpose of our Diversity and Inclusion at eftax.

Since eftax Co. Ltd. was founded in 2013, we have been advancing with the vision that people are more important than anything else, even in the process of developing our business in the IT field.
We actively embrace employees from various countries or regions and diverse business partners beyond borders in order to realize this vision.

By considering the diversity of people to work with and their diverse perspectives as essential assets for our growth and development, eftax is committed to realizing our Diversity and Inclusion.