IoT Installation Support Services 

Let’s Start Small… 

When embarking on the introduction of IoT, rather than suddenly making a large investment, the first step is to make use of relatively inexpensive IoT devices and services such as RaspberryPi and SORACOM, conduct a small-scale demonstration test and verify its feasibility.

At our company, we offer one-stop support services ranging from the selection of sensors and IoT devices to the construction of a cloud that collects and accumulates data, the creation of the administrative dashboard up to the planning, development and consultation, and the training of the in-house staff after the installation, depending on your issues.

If you are considering installing IoT, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

In addition, our data analysis service will also support the analysis and utilization phase of the data collected and accumulated by the IoT system. Please use this service as well.

Expected Usage Scenarios 

Checking the operational status of machines and equipmentOptimization of production plans by the collection of the operation data of machines and equipment at the manufacturing site.
Remote monitoring of machines and equipmentMonitors the status of machines and equipment installed in remote places or high places where it is difficult for people to access and sends an alert when an abnormality occurs.
Optimal control of machinery and equipmentAutomatically controls the operation of machines currently performed by humans.
Data collection for the development of in-house products and servicesIncorporation in the in-house products, collection of information on how users are using them, and its usage in the improvement and advancement of the functionality of the products.


The Flow of IoT Installation


Before Introduction ●Identifying issues and clarifying the purpose of the introduction

●Planning and design of IoT system
Introduction ●Installation and test operation on site

●Review of results

●Start of actual operation on site
Support ●IoT staff training

Precautions for Installations

Depending on the nature of the task, the difficulty and the cost may differ. At the stage of “planning and designing IoT system”, we will consider the following factors in advance.

How often are the data collected?
The amount of data that is collected will change substantially depending on whether data is collected once per second or once every 10 minutes, and the annual running costs such as cloud costs will change drastically.
How much latency is allowed?
Depending on your latency tolerance, your system design will change, for example, whether or not you need to be immediately alerted when something goes wrong.
Do you want to manage your data in the cloud or on the edge?
When internal data cannot be uploaded to the cloud or when latency is not allowed, we will consider processing data on the edge side.
How much scalability do you need?
The cloud configuration will change depending on how many users you will use in the future.

If you start without carefully considering these points, there is a risk of incurring additional costs later. Thus, we will consult with you carefully.

Services We Mainly Use



Cloud infrastructure
・GCP(Google Cloud Platform)
・GAS(Google Apps Script)

We may consider the introduction of services other than these depending on your problem.
Please feel free to contact us.

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