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Mouad Bouaddi


My name’s Mouad Bouaddi, 20 years old and I’m from Morocco.

In response to our invitation to “share the season around you,” Mouad delivered this shot with the greeting, “Hello from Marrakech”. Behind these snow-covered mountains is the beautiful Sahara.

Since I got my first computer when I was a kid I became interested in Computers and how they work. Then I decided to start my career by studying Computer Science at the Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech. While doing that I was taking online courses about Data Science that’s why I started an online internship with WorldQuant University about Data Science application in business data for 16 weeks.

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Located in North Africa, Morocco faces the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. Marrakech, famous as a popular tourist destination with its world cultural heritage old city and vibrant souks, is Mouad’s home.

How You Came to Join eftax

Since high school I became interested in Japan and Japanese culture so I wanted to build my career there. I was looking for job opportunities that are foreign-friendly in JETRO program then I found eftax.

I like how Japan kept its traditions and culture with developing the country, also how Japanese respect each other and don’t tend to hurt other peoples feeling even if they were in bad situation. My experience with Japanese friends and teachers led me think that way. I easily made friendship with Japanese people, I also had a Japanese teacher she was too kind to me.

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Mouad is a data scientist fluent in English, French, and Arabic, and is currently studying Japanese. A snapshot taken in front of sushi.

I think Japan has the best customer service in the world. I’ll be in peace of mind when I live in Japan. Anshin*(laugh). (*安心 means safe in Japanese)
When I’m a customer to a Japanese service I’m treated really good I feel so important to them and that’s better than other customer services.

Tell us about your eftax episode

eftax offers great opportunities for foreigners to be active and play an important role in Japan and that’s by offering international working environment using English as the main working language as well as working remotely which is very convenient. At eftax, I can work on different projects that makes me developing a lot of new useful skills that will help my career in the future.

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His favorite is playing the violin! The eftax members in Japan are looking forward to hearing him play live.

After graduation, I plan to move to Japan as a member of eftax.
I hope living in Japan will be great too!

Data Analysis Services
Data Analysis Services
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