Unraveling business complexity with data analysis technology

We were established in January 2013 as an affiliate of a tax accountant company in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, with a working history of about 70 years.

In order to survive in the era of rapid change called ‘the Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ companies are forced to boldly challenge new methods and business models, to set themselves apart from conventional methods.

One approach is to strive to improve management efficiency and productivity by utilizing data that can be collected and accumulated in large quantities. We started up as a specialized team that provides data analysis services with two key points that utilize data; “decision-making support” and “automation of routine tasks.”

The movements of people, goods, and money of a company are summarized in daily accounting data and financial results. If you skillfully unravel the story, you will be able to see various corporate activities. One of our strengths is that, in collaboration with accounting firms, we unravel the story with data analysis and convert it to “live information.”

We have so far built an analysis platform and provided data utilization support to enable human resources in each department of a company to analyze data themselves and make quick and accurate decisions.

Going forward, we will continue to accumulate know-how for applications in various industries and fields and strive to disseminate analytical technology to the local economic zone.

In addition, in January 2015, we started a data analysis education course for working adults in the Kansai area. We intend to expand the course content and focus on training analytical human resources who can play an active role in companies and the regions.

In recent years, words such as big data, AI, and IoT have been attracting public attention. However, we stay down-to-earth and strive to “extract essential issues” and “train human resources who can solve the issues and provide analysis services”.

We appreciate your support and cooperation.

Tomoaki Nakai
Managing Director
eftax Co., Ltd.