In cloud accounting, if you make a mistake in the initial workflow design, it may lead to extra work, and the degree of automation and efficiency will change depending on how it is being used. Thus, we recommend that you receive a proper system consultation at the time of initial installation.
We will also provide advice to those who have already installed it but have not been able to utilize it as desired.


We are registered as a certified freee advisor. We provide consulting support for cloud accounting implementation.

We provide the following support to individual business owners and companies who have physical stores such as restaurants and beauty businesses and want to improve the efficiency of their back office operations.

Design and Optimization of Business Flow
Linking of cloud accounting with cash register applications such as Air Cash Register and Smart Cash Register
Linking with various payment services

Our accounting support service emphasizes on hands-on support.


<Example: When there are 5 employees or less, and annual sales are 30 million yen or less>(tax included)

Initial Installation Support Fee

・Approximately 3 months: 162,000 yen

We support the installation of Accounting freee and other tools. (approximately 20~30 hours)

Accounting Support Plan

・Monthly fee: From 5,400 yen

We support the monthly operation of Accounting freee and other tools. (About 2-3 hours a month)

Accounting Agency Plan

・Monthly fee: 21,600 yen ~

We perform the monthly operation of Accounting free on your behalf.

Payroll Plan

・Basic monthly fee: 5,400 yen (for up to 5 employees)
After that, 324 yen for each additional person

We perform payroll calculation on behalf of HR freee every month.

〈Main target areas〉Osaka city, Amagasaki city, Nishinomiya city, Ashiya city, Itami city, Kobe city, etc.

※The monthly amount of each plan will be estimated based on the type of business and the number of journal entries per month.
※ We will be happy to discuss with you about business trips to distant places.

In addition, we can take charge of the tax services by cooperating with our tax accountant office, which is our parent company.

Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.