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Baariq Fairuuz Azhar


I graduated as an Information Systems Major at Brawijaya University Indonesia in July 2021. I am a software engineer (Front-end heavy). I had pretty much experience in software development since I was a college student, especially in Web applications.

Software Development Division Baariq Fairuuz Azhar
Nicknamed Eri at eftax, he usually participates from Indonesia. When he came to eftax Osaka office, he brought us gifts. We were all impressed by his thoughtful choice of nuts, “I heard Japanese like to snack on them with beer!

How You Came to Join eftax

The first time, I knew eftax was when I was a third-year college student. At that time, there was a webinar talking about working in Japan in the IT field held by AIESEC Brawijaya. One of the source persons is Tomoaki Nakai-san, CEO of eftax Co., Ltd. From this webinar, I can conclude that eftax has a global and supportive environment.

Eri’s desk at home in Indonesia.

In February 2023, I was looking for a global remote or onsite opportunity. Fortunately, at that time, the eftax LinkedIn account opened remote opportunities. I registered as a candidate, followed the recruitment process such as challenge and interview, and finally got an accepted announcement the next month.

Tell us about your eftax episode

My first impression when I entered eftax is that eftax is more global friendly than I thought. Employees of eftax come from various countries, such as Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Morocco, etc. I love the remote work style in eftax. I can decide when and where to work. This is very beneficial for me. For example, I do not need to waste my time commuting home and office. I can replace that time with other things like doing exercise.

Remote work has eliminated the commute from home to the office, and he can now use that time to walk or run in a nearby park.

I entered eftax as a Frontend Engineer. But, I told Nakai-san and Morikawa-san that I want to be full-stack (Frontend, Backend, + DevOps) in the future. They support me by giving me time & courses to learn new knowledge, such as the opportunity to take AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification. To be honest right now, I still feel not really impacted for other employees in eftax. Because, I am still new and in the adaptation phase to learn a new work style in eftax. But in the future, I hope that I can contribute more to others and can be a full-stack engineer according to what I expected.

Kiyomizu Temple photographed by eftax Baariq Fairuuz Azhar
Eri visited and photographed Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto during his stay in Japan. This is actually a special place that Eri had long been familiar with and that deepened his interest in Japan.
Eri had a wallpaper of Kiyomizu-dera Temple on his laptop throughout his high school and college years. At the time, there was no deep reason for it; Eri simply searched for “Japan mountain wallpaper HD” and found this picture. During those long years as a student, he became familiar with this picture and developed an interest in Japan through it. This business trip to Japan allowed he to visit such a special place.(Copyright wallpaper belongs to Trey Ratcliff
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Haruki Morikawa(Corporate Planning Department / Software Development Project Manager)
Haruki Morikawa(Corporate Planning Department / Software Development Project Manager)