Salesforce / Tableau Consulting Services

Build a data-driven organization through expert support.

Streamline business through Salesforce / Tableau

Operations that used to take a lot of time and money can now be streamlined quickly and inexpensively by using beneficial tools. However, it is not easy to spread them throughout the company and ensure that everyone can use them. It is essential to avoid a situation where the tools are not used effectively due to the need to create reports, customize functions, and make them permanent.

Utilize tools available at your fingertips. Implement and operationalize platforms through expert support. Focus on finding insights and making decisions in your organization.


Salesforce (SF) is the worlds leading cloud-based business platform that offers many applications. SF provides Sales Force Automation (SFA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Marketing Automation (MA).

While SF is highly customizable and scalable, the main problem with SF is the high cost in implementation; especially, there is a challenge to understand the many functions effectively.

eftax’s SF consulting service provides support and consistent maintenance for your business operations and integrations. We guide you to utilize market, data utility, sales planning, and strategy development specifically tailored for your company.

Issues We Help You With

We help you discover and overcome challenges that your organization experiences with Salesforce:

  • Understanding usability of Salesforce configuration within scope and budget
  • Mastering Salesforce features adapted to user convenience
  • Leading implementation and integration through effective deployment

Our team has a solid experience working with a range of clients to ensure solutions that meet rapidly transforming business requirements. Our goal is to eliminate challenges for an unparalleled absolutely smooth Salesforce adoption experience.


Tableau, the global choice in the modern BI market, is a data analysis platform with an intuitive operation that allows for the beautiful creation of visualization of tables and diagrams. Tableau has an excellent versatility that is unlimited by the environment in which it is deployed.

eftax specialists will help your organization set up an environment that meets your objectives. eftax will provide operational support to build intuitive dashboards using your preferable data.

eftax will assist your organization with Tableau desktop and provide solutions integrated with Salesforce.

Tableau Dashboard Samples

Tableau dashboards visualize data beautifully and can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Draw insights from your data to help you make better business decisions.

Participants created these samples of Tableau dashboards during a JICA remote internship in February 2022, which took approximately three weeks. One intern from Vietnam, two from Pakistan, and one from Sri Lanka participated in Tableau the project. They created dashboards on their selective topics of interest using open data from their countries. Please click the picture of the Tableau Dashboard Sample to show the dashboard’s project name, description, and developer.

Global. and Local
eftax Customer Support

Receive international service without the language barrier with eftax’s multinational team! eftax boasts English as its official business language, that is why foreign and local companies continuously reach out to inquire about a wide variety of services to set up your business in Japan.

海外展開事業部長|Fristy Tania
Overseas Business Division Manager
Fristy Tania

Moved to Japan after working for an Indonesian state-owned construction company and JICA for 3 years. She built a network with overseas advanced digital human resources. In addition to managing data scientists, system development engineers and designers of eftax, she is also the COO of jobwher, an affiliate of eftax.

 Salesforce担当|Nicole Barce
Nicole Barce

Nicole Barce is a graduate of physics and engineering. She has vast multinational experience in the roles of business development and analytics among industries in energy, food imports, digital marketing, and cloud communications in corporate and startup settings.




We partner with you to strategically plan your Salesforce / Tableau implementation within your preferred scope. We help you integrate and implement Salesforce / Tableau products and customization that best meet your business requirements.



We assess your organization and help you utilize the capabilities of Salesforce / Tableau, to make sure that your technical set-up is optimized to your business processes. We determine whether you are getting the most out of your Salesforce investment.



We assist you in every step of the way – from implementation, to advancing your usage, to supporting technical and operational expertise – to make sure that your Salesforce / Tableau experience enables you to focus on your business.



We implement smooth integration of Salesforce / Tableau in your enterprise so your data flows effectively and efficiently, bringing out the best out of your investment. We create customizations that suit your business the best to recognize the most value out of the platform.