We believe the skills and know-how required for AI and IoT personnel vary depending on the company.
We will custom-design and provide the necessary educational programs to meet your needs.

Although the knowledge and technology of deep learning have spread widely through books and online teaching materials, experience and know-how are still required in data preprocessing, modeling, parameter tuning, and service implementation.
In the dispatch training for corporate bodies,
we will aid in the acquisition of technologies and know-how that is specialized for the needs of your company’s site.
Utilizing our network, we will dispatch instructors and TAs who have the expertise and practical experiences in the field.
We will give a cost estimate based on the number of people and training time.

Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Contact Us

Please contact us using the inquiry form, and
we will have an interview with the person in charge.

Training Plan Suggestions

Based on the content of the interview, we will propose the most suitable training plan for your company, taking into account the purpose, issues, budget and period of training.

[Training Example ②]

You want to educate the new employees on data analysis.
 → Probability and statistics basics, data preprocessing and visualization basics, machine learning basics
(3 days per week on weekdays, 90 minutes x 9 classes, 10 participants)

[Training Example ②]

You want to educate employees in the manufacturing department of a factory on the process of detecting abnormalities in sensor data.
→Basics of time series data processing and abnormality detection
(Saturday 1 day, 90 minutes x 4 classes, 3 participants)
After agreeing on the training plan, we will make the contract.
Training Preparation

・Creation of a training plan.

・If the training is to be conducted in your company’s meeting room, please make preparations for it.

Specified location or coworking space SCRIBBLE OSAKA LAB can also be used.

Start Training

・Training will start based on the plan.

・Questions are also accepted via SLACK. Thus, we can respond to your questions, even outside training hours.

After Training

・We will submit a report that summarizes the instructor’s evaluation.

・If new issues are observed in the report, we will propose further improvement measures.

・In some cases, we may request for your cooperation on questionnaires regarding the results of the introductory training and its effectiveness.

Python, Pandas, Numpy basics
Construction of Analytical Infrastructure
Pre-processing ・ Data Visualization
Probability Statistics
Linear Algebra
Machine Learning

Time Series Analysis
Anomaly Detection
Deep Learning (Image processing, Natural language processing, etc.)
Data Collection and Accumulation
IoT Device