The opportunity has opened up. I found my passion here.

eftax Overseas Business Division Manager|Fristy Tania

What is your job description at eftax?

As a manager of eftax’s overseas business division, I manage and operate projects. It is my role to carry out all operations to realize the company’s mission and vision.

Why did you decide to join eftax?

Career change to find something I can be passionate about.

Actually, my background is not related to IT at all. I came across eftax when I had left my area of expertise, and I was thinking, “there may be something else I’m more passionate about.”

I was a Civil Engineer, and I majored in Transportation Engineering during my undergraduate studies at the university. Thus, I am quite familiar with management transportation.
After graduating from university, I worked at Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), a national construction company in Jakarta, which has the largest share in Indonesia.

In 2015, I joined a JICA Expert Team Project on National Water Supply Project in Indonesia. During this time, I had the opportunity to work with many Japanese.

After the project, I got married to my Japanese husband and moved to Japan with him. During that time, I realized that Civil Engineering was not my passion, and I thought I needed to look for new opportunities.

I participated in a “Design Thinking Seminar” hosted by eftax in Osaka, where I met Mr. Nakai, CEO of eftax, at a networking session. During our conversation, he told me that many of his developers are Indonesian, and he was looking for new developers to work with. So I suggested that I could find some developers from my network. He was happy to accept the offer and offered me a job as a Manager of the eftax Overseas Expansion Division.

What attracted you to eftax?

The open and innovative environment.

There are two points that interest me.

The first is that there was a place for young Indonesians to play an active role that I didn’t know about. I had the impression that many Indonesians working in Japan had blue-collar jobs, but not in eftax. I was surprised that there is an environment where skills such as programming, design, and project management can be utilized globally.

Secondly, I was interested in innovation. eftax has the opportunity to create and provide new value, such as products and services. I felt the significance and potential of doing it.

What are your impressions of actually working at eftax?

A place that innovatively creates new value.

The first thing I worked on after joining was planning a business trip to Indonesia for the eftax team. Using the network I formed while working in Indonesia, I coordinated with necessary startups, incubators, universities, and engineers. The business trip was a success, we were able to take steps toward new business development.

I learned a lot from the remote working platform project, including UI/UX, digital marketing, business intelligence and analysis, and product management.

Through these experiences, I realized that the world of startups is much more interesting to me than Civil Engineering. That is why I will continue working with eftax, because I found my passion here.

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SUGEE Kansai|eftax’s overseas human resources support service in Kansai
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